Michelle Devens-Fitz | About

Welcome! I am photographer and artist residing in the Wilkes Barre, PA area. I grew up in Minnesota, and I lived in Chicago for 14 years before my husband and I decided to move to this beautiful part of the country with our two boys. I also have an enormous dog, two cats, and a noisy house full of chaos. I love it all!

I began taking photographs as an "instant sketchbook" for my watercolor and pastel paintings. After my boys were born, I found myself wanting to capture every moment of their childhood, and I fell in love with photography as an art form in its own right.

As an artist, I strive to capture all the beauty I see around me. As a mother, I see so much of that beauty in a child's face. I know what it's like to want to hold onto every second of your child's life! I love being able to accomplish all of those things through photography, and get tremendous joy out of sharing that gift with others.

All of my portrait sessions are on location, either at your home or at one of the many beautiful locations we are so lucky to have in our area. 


Please call me at (570) 406-1031 for more information to book a session!