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The Custom Photography Experience


The first thing you will notice about your custom photography experience with me is that it’s all about YOU!


It all begins with a phone call. I will ask you about your goals for your portrait session. Why are we creating photographs together? Is it to commemorate a special occasion? Do you want to create a stunning piece of wall art or an heirloom album? Are you just looking for a couple updated business headshots?


How do you want your images to “feel?” Bright and playful? Elegant? Professional? Sporty? You decide.


Where do you want to be photographed? I have photographed clients in their homes, their backyards, their places of business, and their favorite parks. Your choices are only limited by your imagination! In any case, I’ll help you select a location that will bring your vision forward in the best way possible.


Do you want printed photographs or digital files? Or a combination of the two? How many images do you want? How many outfit changes do you wish to have? How many locations do you have in mind? These questions will help determine which session you should select in order to best meet your needs.


After your session, your images will be ready for you to make your selections from. I provide a complementary in-person post-session ordering consultation, usually in the privacy of your own home. I do this because, in person, I can help you compare similar images side-by-side and can help you determine which images best fit your intended use. There is never any pressure to buy more than what comes with your session, but most of my clients find that my one-on-one assistance helps them feel more confident in their selections.  


Once you’ve made your image selections, I then do the basic image retouching and enhancements, such as blemish removal and stray hair removal. This is also when I do any premium retouching you decide to purchase, such as head swaps, braces removal, etc.). Your order is generally ready within 3 weeks.


When your print order arrives, I do a final quality check to be sure everything is correct and no damage has occurred in shipping. I then call you to arrange to deliver your print order to you personally.


As you can see, this is all quite different from the typical chain-studio photography experience. I think you will like the end result!


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