Michelle Devens-Fitz | PORTRAIT SESSION FAQ



Q:  Are digital images/JPEGs included with my session fee?

A:  No, but they are available as a separate purchase.   


Q:  What is the difference between a digital file and a disc of images?

A:  A digital file is a single JPEG image.  The disc of images will contain the number of JPEG images you purchased.


Q:  What does my session fee pay for?

A:  Your session fee covers a pre-session consultation, time spent scouting your location, equipment set up time at the location, time spent photographing your session, culling and basic editing and retouching of your images, and an in-person proofing/ordering session.  Some session packages include a print/product credit good towards the purchase of prints and digital packages.


Q:  Can you take lots of candid photos of us?

A:  Yes!  Candid photos are so much fun!  But please understand, truly candid photographs don’t happen when people are standing around waiting to be photographed.  The key to good candid photographs is for your family to be doing something together.  So, if you want a candid session, plan our session around an EVENT, such as barbeque, a picnic, an afternoon at the beach, or some other activity your family enjoys doing together.  For the best candids, I recommend limiting the number of posed images requested during this type of session.  


Q:  You take way more than 20-30 images during a session.  Why do you only show 20-30?

A:  This is for my client’s benefit.  I have found that most people have difficulty narrowing down their selection, even when they are only looking at this number.  Also, when photographing on location, there are a number of variables that affect how people look in the photographs.  Sun, wind, snow, and rain all make an impact, but are simply part of on-location photography.  Nobody wants to sift through 100 images where one person is blinking, or squinting because the sun was in their eyes, or has an unflattering expression on their face or truly messed up hair caused by a sudden gust of wind.  I begin my editing process by eliminating all of those.  I also eliminate virtual duplicates. 


Q:  Do you photograph weddings?

A:  Yes, I love photographing weddings!  Please contact me for more information.